About The Company

POC winners of Digital Water Hackathon and investee of NUS GRIP Programme.

We are a team of engineers driven to disrupt the pipeline leak detection industry. We aim to develop industry leading products with long term deployment capability.

  • Minimum changes to the existing infrastructure.
  • Completely ex-situ so no contamination.
  • Easy-to-use interface for remote monitoring of pipeline network.

Our Awesome Products. Choose Best One

We have a wide range of products that cater to different requirements of a pipeline distribution network, actively working to add more features.

Fixed Interval Listener

This product range is for monitoring pipelines and alert the user in case the device registers a leak.

Continous Ambient Listener

We have developed product capable of continously or at a pre-programmed time perform ambient acoustic monnitoring. This product is capable of detecting any faults in the motorized systems around it.

Remotely Operated Vehicle

Our custom designed ROVs are capable of inspecting both visual and acoustic condition of the pipe. User gets a detailed report of the pipeline's health condition.

Our Products have some Amazing Features

All our products are designed carefully with user requirements having the highest importance.

Intutive Interface

The data reported by our sensors can be visualized by users can be visualized in one central place.

Notification Alert

In case there's a leak, our servers can notify multiple users and help in quick resolution of the problem.

GPS Tagged

All our sensors are GPS tagged, and thus a user can inspect them based on its location..

Long Term Support

We provide both technical and operational support in case any user needs maintenance or assistance with collected dataS.

Less changes to Infrastructure

The working principle of all our sensors is focussed on operating sensors without the need of additional infrastructure changes.

Low Energy Consumption

We use the existing low power networks for communication, and operate our sensors using low power algorithms.

Why Choose Us?

It is valid question! Why us over other options available currently in market?


We have one of the best leak detection solution, coupled with an Intelligent server to provide low false positives.

Competitive Pricing

We price our services at a competitive price and provide a very good ratio for price Vs features.

Patent Pending

Most of our technologies are either already patented or pending patents. We believe in developing innovative solutions.

24/7 Support

As all our sensors are developed in-house, we can provide detailed technical and operational support to our users.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Have some common question, you can get it answered here.

We price our devices based on the units to be purchased and the associated timeline. We can setup a meeting and reach out to us @ [email protected] for more information.
No, that is one of the advantages of our sensors. We place our sensors completely ex-situ to the pipes.
This is completely dependent on the size of the room, one sensor can typically cover 10 sq m area in a closed room.

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NUS Enterprise @ Singapore Science Park, 83 Science Park Dr, #02-03/04, The Curie, Singapore 118258.